Veteran journalist. Worked at NDTV, BBC, India Today, The Sunday Observer, The Patriot & the Prime Minister’s Office 2012-2014. Still learning and enquiring.

Pankaj Pachauri Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Veteran broadcaster. Has two-and-a-half decades of work under his belt: BiTV, BBC, NDTV, Star News, ESPN StarSports, IBN7.

Darain Shahidi Chief Creative Officer

Seasoned broadcast & print journalist. Final arbiter with a sharp eye. Abiding connoisseur of the English language. Plans, writes, edits, supervises productions, checks quality.

Amitabh Joshi Editor, Web & Digital

Pioneering investigative journalist & RTI expert. Formerly National Affairs Editor of NDTV24x7. Has substantial work on environment, human rights & transparency.

Sidharth Pandey Chief Lead (News & Investigations)

Go-to man for all technology & telephony. Canny coder. Baron of binaries, barcodes & bitrates. Can write algorithms even in a drunken stupor.

Lalit Goel Head of Technical Operations

I aspire to work in the field of Journalism & Development Communication and want to evolve alongwith my work. I am a tech savvy and the world we live in is a dynamic one, I strive to constantly develop my skills to keep up to it.

Siddharth Chaturvedi Sub Editor

"A journalist should not be a messenger from the corridors of power". With this attitude, he aspires to be a change-making journalist with a keen interest in current affairs and a flair for writing.

M. Nuruddin Sub Editor

Seasoned TV news professional with over two decades experience as Anchor, Reporter and Producer at NDTV. Has anchored prime-time shows and prominent social campaigns.

Rupali Tewari Consulting Editor

FCP speedster. His mind works faster than his fingers. Swift, smart, savvy and many times savage with the video. Devotee of the news-in-90-seconds ditty.

Vinod Kumar Sr. Video Editor

The ‘desk man’. Observer. Storyteller. Pacifist. Millennial Writer. His Mantra - Question Everything!

Darshit Singh Video Journalist

Bilingual Journalist. Traveler. Logophile. Worked in The Telegraph, Deccan Chronicle, Caravan Magazine, and Newscentral.

Ritu Versha Video Journalist

Champion of digital creativity. Story-teller par excellence. Voice artist. Has voracious appetite for new-age video editing tools.

Saikat Pal Sr. Video Editor

The ‘graphics man’. Keen eye on visual conceptualisation and animation. Worked in Book Publishing - BPI India Pvt ltd, Picture Street, Marwah Film Company etc.

Saurabh Saksena Graphic Designer

Technical troubleshooter. IT is his playground as he mans the digital goalposts with energy, efficiency & elan.

Raju Sarkar IT Engineer

Video journalist in the true sense. Steady hand. Shoots from the brain. Also live-streams effortlessly through multiple new-age contraptions.

Rafik Khan Cameraman

Journalist with over ten years experience covering politics, security and social issues. Worked with Indo-Asian News Service and All India Radio.

Anjali Ojha Principal Correspondent

Covering the Congress Party and other allies for almost two decades and a veteran Parliament correspondent

Ajay Jha Special Correspondent

Reporting Politics, Statistics and Environment | Previously with NewsX/India News, Tiranga TV and United News of India.

Rahul Gautam Senior Correspondent
Pankaj Srivastava Consulting Editor

Cyber citizen. Follows everyone who is worth following on Twitter. Knows all the verbal duels & tattletales as they surface round-the-clock on this media mill.

Ankush Choubey Assistant Producer